What is a paper machine?

What is a paper machine?

Papermaking machine is a complete set of equipment that makes the pulp form the paper web, including headbox, mesh part, press part, drying cadres, calender, paper coiler, transmission part and other main machines and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, heat recovery, etc. The core of the paper machine is to form the web part of the wet web, so according to the structure of the web part, the paper machine can be divided into long web paper machine, clip web paper machine and round web paper machine.
Headbox is a kind of equipment that delivers the slurry of appropriate concentration to the network evenly and stably through the components such as the spreader, rectifying device, weir pool and weir plate nozzle. It is also called the headbox. After the slurry is sprayed from headbox to the copper network, the wet paper page is formed on the network and dehydrated. Then it is pressed, that is to say, the moisture of the wet paper page from the network is extruded mechanically to improve the dryness of the paper page At the same time, improve the surface property of the paper, eliminate the net mark and increase the smoothness, tightness and strength; then enter the drying section to further dehydrate the pressed wet paper, shrink the paper, and tightly combine the fibers to increase the strength.
After being calendered by a calender, the paper sheets from the drying cadres can improve the smoothness, glossiness and tightness of the paper sheets, make the whole thickness of the paper sheets consistent, and reduce the air permeability; finally, the paper sheets are rolled into paper rolls by a paper winder, which completes the main process of paper making. In order to meet the different needs in the future, there are also super calender, rewinder, paper cutter and so on.
The paper industry will consume a lot of raw materials, water, electricity and chemicals, and produce a lot of waste water and slag. Therefore, the future of papermaking machinery will be to use a wide range of papermaking raw materials, reduce the consumption of materials and energy in the papermaking process, reduce environmental pollution and other aspects of development.



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